Rekonstrukce památek, s.r.o.

About our company

We realize that we have been given an opportunity to co-create our living space; our surrounding environment and the place in which we bring up our children. It is with this sense of responsibility that we approach the implementation of our company’s contracts.

We are committed to building upon the independence, helpfulness and expertise of our staff. When unsure about something, we are not afraid to admit this and ask someone more knowledgeable and experienced for advice.

Rekonstrukce památek, s.r.o.

Our philosophy

“Old and abandoned houses contain a great deal of beauty that cannot be seen at first glance. They struggle against remorseless time and wait for someone who will walk by, take a closer look, and discover beauty in the dereliction.” We would like to be among those attentive ones who awaken the beauty.


Libor Ptáček, Managing Director

  • We believe that living in older homes provides a unique charm. We esteem the owners of old houses who fall for this alluring charm, repair these houses, and want to live in them.
  • We see a house as an urban element incorporated into its setting, street line, housing development, garden, or park, and we approach it as such.
  • We utilize lessons learned from traditional craftsmanship, procedures, and skills, and our work is characterized by a sensitive effort to achieve the highest possible standard of contemporary living.

  • We value the willingness of the most experienced experts in our field to share advice with us.
  • We realize there are actual people behind our work, and the fruit of their labor become our results.
  • We believe that the best investment in the future is an investment in our workers and co-workers, as well as in the creation of conditions to pass experience from generation to generation, as has always been a tradition in our field.

The subject of our business

Focus of the company’s construction work

Restoration of historical buildings, from the facade of artisan houses to the general reconstruction of whole buildings with an emphasis on sensitive renovations of facade envelopes, repairs of roof trusses and ceiling structures, the refurbishing and manufacture of faithful replicas of wooden beam ceilings, historic staircases, wooden windows, doors and gates

Carpentry manufacture of the replicas of historical hole fillings, especially windows, doors, display windows, window shutters and door shutters.

Specialized carpentry repairs of historical hole fillings, especially windows and doors, ceiling structures and other wooden structures.

Restoration of wooden structures performed by a specialized artisanal method under the supervision of a restorer, ceiling structures, ceiling and wall tiling, staircases and historic hole fillings.

Restoration work on stone structures and stone statues, their renovation, static stabilization and reinforcement

Restoration of glass structures and stained glass windows; manufacture and supply of historic glass for glazing historic hole fillings and their replicas

Artistic blacksmithing and manufacture of blacksmith products, especially for building structures

The subject of our business

Architecture and design office

Architectural studies of building renovation intentions, the functional layout of houses and the assessment of the state of structures, design of suitable measures and technical procedures of reconstructions

Processing of project documentation for a planning permission (detail design documentation) and handling the required paperwork; processing of bills of quantities and itemized budgets.
Static assessments for structures built by us

Conduct of construction supervision, architect supervision and designer supervision