Facade restoration

We specialize in the restoration of traditional plaster and stucco lime facades. We consistently use traditional lime-based materials and comply with traditional work procedures. We always take the character of the building, the intent of the investor, and the budget into consideration. We are able to handle contracts in such a way that includes the proposal of appropriate measures and the removal of any causes of manifest defect, including structural statics. Procedures involving listed buildings are consulted with experts from the National Heritage Institute.

We refurbish preserved historical windows and doors and manufacture faithful replicas. Through cooperation, we restore stained glass windows, supply the glazing of windows and doors using the historic design of glass and stained glass and perform the restoration of stone structures, especially facade elements and door and window linings.

Our references

Stucco exterier decoration in Dobrná

Děčín, 2020-2021
Completion of the missing facade decoration in the exterior according to partially preserved fragments.